Belle Starr  "Bella"
Bell Shirley was born in Carthage, Missouri. Her father was a wealthy
innkeeper, her mother Eliza Hatfield was a direct descendant of the
infamous Hatfield & McCoy feud. Her family moved to Texas during
the Civil War. She turned outlaw, taking up with her childhood friend,
Cole Younger. She became very tight with the James and Younger
gangs. In 1880, Belle married Sam Starr, a member of the Starr clan.
She became as rough as any male, an' was handy with a gun! She can
still outshoot any man today......that was until she met C.W. Teague!
Pat Teague is a retired bartender and volunteers time helping out in Beatty, Nevada.  Pat married
C.W. Teague in 1976. C.W is a Viet Nam Veteran, he was honorably discharged from the Army in
1969.They moved to Beatty, Nevada in 1994. They are enjoying life in this quiet little town and
enjoy being part of the Beatty Cowboys.
Bella always gets      
      her "Man"!!