Billy "Stringbean" Johnson
Born in the summer of 1844 near Savannah, Georgia- into a family of
land owners, Billy had always dreamed of one day going westward. On
Dec. 22, 1864 when General Sherman offered up Savannah to President
Lincoln as a Christmas gift,and his father lay dead and the beloved
plantation lay in ashes, he took his younger sister Abigail (Miss Abigail
Rose) and fled to the place he had dreamed of...the "Wild West".
Discovering a natural talent for gambling paid off handsomelyfor Billy.
Many years and many gunfights later, he still maintains his reputation
as an unbeatable gambler! Many have tried and many have lost. He
invested wisely in
brothels throughout the Nevada territory...many of
which are still in operation!
Larry Wentzloff was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is the father of 5 grown
children and the grandfather of 4 grandaughters, 1 new grandson and an adopted grandson. A former
police officer and Private Investigater, he has been retired since 2000. Turned in those Michigan
snowshoes and headed to the desert of Nevada in 2003.Enjoys living in Beatty and being part of the
Beatty Cowboys!