CW Teague "Trail Boss"
CW Teague was born in Globe, Arizona in 1873. He was
the only son of a Preacher man. He left home at the age of
16, looking for some excitement. He started robbin'
stagecoaches, left that because there was too much
competition, took up train robbin'. He traded goods with the
Apaches for gold in 1895, when he changed his ways, and
then became a deputy in Bisbee, Arizona.Five years later
he became the Sheriff of Cochise County. He was Sheriff
for 20 years and retired without injury.
CW Teague was born and raised in Globe, Arizona. He is a Viet Nam Veteran, he was honerably discharged from
the U.S. Army in 1969. He married Pat Teague in 1976. They moved to Beatty, Nevada. C.W. is now retired. Pat
is a retired bartender and volunteers time helping out in Beatty, Nevada.
CW always
gets his man!!
And his