Cactus Jim
After delivering a herd of horses to the Fort at the Presidio of San Francisco,
Jim decided to travel the El Camino Real from San Francisco.
He knew there would be a Spanish Mission at a days ride all along the El Camino
Real. At the Mission Santa Clara he met and married Lilita a pretty dark haired,
green eyed senorita who cleaned, cooked and sewed clothing for the mission
community. It was there that he became known as Cactus Jim, he could eat
nopales (cactus) every day at every meal. From Santa Clara, they traveled the
El Camino to Los Angeles where Lilita had family among the Californios.
Jim was born in Turlock, California, joined the military in 1966, retired in 1998. Moved to Las Vegas in 2004.
On a business trip to California, Jim and Lili traveled through Beatty on a motorcycle with a small tent trailer
in tow. On the return trip to Las Vegas, Jim and Lili decided to make it a touring vacation again stopping in
Beatty. After living and working at the Beatty RV Park and 11 months in Springdale, Jim and Lili never
returned to Las Vegas.