Crystal Nevada
Wanting to leave the mundane life she was livin' as a young girl,
she packed up her bags and went to see what life was like on the
other side. She was running away from somethin'... but what???
Well, she soon appeared in the small Town of Beatty, without a
real job, nothing to pay her ways, she quickly hooked up with
some very fancy ladies that would ... well, show her the ropes,
how she could live a fancy life, enjoy her whiskey and get down to
business... That was a grand idea, and because she didn't want
to be found by anyone in her past, she decided this small town
was the place to be... and the ladies that helped train her, thinking
of what to do, quickly came up with a name, one that will get the
men a callin' Crystal... Crystal Nevada.
Born in San Diego, California, growing up in Moreno Valley,Ca. and now living in Beatty.
Crystal is a full time mom to 5 kids, a bartender  and a very happy resident of Beatty since
Crystal and her "Whiskey"!
Crystal with Dani,
Joey and Summer