Highpockets  "Scout"
A long and lanky fella' was known to be around Southern California, Aqua
Caliente ( now Palm Springs) to the Tehachipi's. He worked ranches,
sometimes prospecting. It was rumored that at one time he rode with Peg
leg Smith (notorious horse thief) from Arizona to Los Angeles.
Highpockets never gained such notoriety as Peg leg and is thought to have
settled down somewhere between San Diego and San Jacinto, in the Santa
Rosa Mt. area, on a small ranch well stocked with a lady he referred to as
"the Boss". Her name is believed to be "Starr".
Earl and Starr Seely married in 1971, They have 3 grown children and now have 5 grandchildren.
Originally from California, they moved to Beatty, Nevada in 1997. Earl says he stays in Beatty
because of the slower lifestyle..............."I can almost keep up"