Jim "Peacock" Dandy
Jim "Peacock" Dandy was born in Mississippi in 1854 but moved to Texas with
his parents two years later. At the age of thirteen he killed a school bully,
cutting him up with a pair of scissors, and left home. He became a thirty
dollar-a-month cowhand working the Texas to Kansas rail towns, later he hunted
buffalo for their hides, was a scout for the U.S. Calvery during the Indian
uprisings, and was finally arrested for trading whiskey to the indians. He
escaped from the army escort and made his way to Denver and never worked
again except as a high rolling professional gambler in cowtowns and mining camps
all over the west. He became close friends with Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp,
started "dressing to the nines" and became known as a "dandy". He shot it out
with some of the deadliest gunmen of the era.
(Based on the true life story of Luke Short)
James Robertson was born in Cleveland ,Ohio and
went to college at Washington University in St. Louis,Mo.
He was a professional actor for many years and is currently a Special Education Teacher in Nye
County, NV. True to his "Beatty Cowboy" character, he  "dresses to the nines", does local Las
Vegas commercials, and frequents the Hilton Sports Book!