Missy May
Howdy Ya'll! I lived most my life in saloons, when my daddy decided to run
off, my momma took me to my grandparents in Kansas, she said "until she
could get a job back east", never did come back for me. My grandfather
worked the homestead during the day and played piano and sang as "Big
Slim" in saloons at night. As a young girl my grandma died, grandpa
decided to head to Virginia City. On the way he would sing and play and I
would dance, (mostly so they wouldn't shoot the piano player), for the
money the cowboys tossed. One night at "Raven's Nest Saloon" grandpa
did get shot by a stray bullet. Sylvia offered me a job if I wanted to
stay, and here I am!
ShirleyAnn Aliff was born and raised in southern California, met the love of her life and best
friend, Walter Aliff, they got married in 1979. They have a son and grandson. Started coming to
Beatty on vacations in 1995 and loved it enough to move here when Walt retired,
Swede and Missy May