Notorious Nell
Not much is known prior to Nell being found wandering the
streets of Durango,Colorado, when a strapping young man found
her.....or rather caught her picking pockets outside the Diamond
Belle Saloon and took her under his wing. She became a saloon girl
and is a wiley one that can drink you under the table and take
your loot ( not always in that order). Keep your eyes behind you
when she is around......and don't piss her off!!!
Yep! That's
our Nellie!!!
Sarah Willis was born and raised in the Amargosa Valley/Beatty, Nevada. She is a dispatcher for
the Nye County Sheriff's office in Beatty. Sarah and Frederick Willis (Colorado Krug) have been
married for over 12 years and have one adorable child (Little Miss Courtney Rayne),Frederick has two
beautiful grown children from a previous marraige. Frederick works for Beatty Water and Sanitation in
Beatty,Nevada. Sarah is as happy as they come......just don't piss her off!!!