I'm called Swede, the son of Swedish immigrants who came to this
country in 1846 and was raised on farms in the mid-west. I decided
farm life wasn't for me, I joined Mr. Lincoln's army in 1863, I
survived until 1865 when I left( that's why I don't give out my real
name), and headed west to make my fortune in the gold fields.
Worked a lot of jobs while drifting west, cattleman, ranch hand,
gunman, gambler, stage and train robber. When I got to where the
gold was, I decided it was easier to take it than dig it! The law and
army may still be looking for me!
Walter Aliff was born in central California and lived east of Los Angeles most of his life. Knew
Shirley Ann Bartlett for a year before started dating then they got married in 1979. Was a
helicopter mechanic for 35 years until he retired and moved to Beatty in 2005.