Sylvia "Raven" Ravenhill
Kidnapped from her parents on a wagon train moving west, by Cheyenne
renegades. Raised by the Cheyennes from age 7, the squaws named her
"raven". Possibly due to her black hair. She learned the ways of the
Indians and became an excellent crafter.She learned to protect herself
with weapons of mass destruction! At the age of 22, she left the tribe
that raised her. She found work in a local saloon & married the owner,
who was later killed by a drunken cowboy. She continued running the
saloon(Raven's Nest) by herself. There she met Cole Allen and the rest is
Georgine (Peralta)Willis was born and raised in Compton,Calif. Married Michael Allen Willis (Cole
Allen) in 1974.They have 3 sons and 1 daughter all grown and married. They also have 7 grandsons
and 3 granddaughters. Georgine is a semi retired seamstress and bartender. Michael retired from
the trucking industry in 2006. They are enjoying life in Beatty, Nevada since 2006!
You don't want to
meet the "Raven"!