New Friends From Around The World
Al from San Francisco, Calif. and
Elizabeth from Rome, Italy
visiting Death Valley for
Christmas 12/25/11
Jean- Claude Dupouy, Cimarron,
Brigitte, Cole, Patricia & Stephane
visiting from France
May 4,2011
Ingrid Ribeaucourt from France,
with Cole & Cimarron
Oct. 20,2009
Sandra Escomel  from France
with CW Teague
March 2010
Bischoff Family from France
with Highpockets & Cole
Nathalie Sourget from France
with Cimarron & Cole
Jan Hilton & Mike Spahr from Reno, Nevada
with Beatty Cowboys, Floozies & Petticoats
February, 2012
Yvonne Bauer from Australia
Marcus Blok from Netherlands &
Andrew Leung from Hong Kong
Fam Tour Feb.11, 2012
Visitors from Paris Florence & Oliver
with Beatty Cowboys Highpockets &
Cole Allen
Cactus Jim & Luca Capuana
Jim Brager from Cool, Calif. with
Beatty Cowboys ColeAllen, Highpockets
and Cimarron Kid Feb. 2013
Dutch Cowgirl Lana from the
Netherlands with Beatty
Cowboys Highpockets & Cole Allen
Geoffrey & Jennifer White from
Manchester, U.K. with  Cole Allen,
Whiskey Jack, Will Davis, Delta,
Cactus Jim,Starr & Cimarron Kid
March 5,2013
Aiden Brabazon from Ireland with Cole
& Sylvia @ the Sourdough Saloon
                    July 27, 2013
Scott Beattie from Northern Ireland and
Claire Kiernan from London, England
with Cole Allen @ KC's Outpost
July 30,2013
Poppy C. from London, England with
Cole Allen @ KC's Outpost
July 30, 2013
Mirho Hofman & Kathrin Sowa from
Leverkusen, Germany with Nortorius
Nell,Cimarron Kid & Cactus Jim
Sept. 21,2013
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