Whiskey Jack Cain " Bourbon Cowboy"
Jonathan Cain spent years trading with the fur trappers and
native tribes of eastern Canada and northern New England.
There he earned a well deserved reputation for
cheatin' and outright thievery.
He was given the disparaging
name "Wisakedjak" by an Algonquin chief, as a means of warning
other tribes against trading with him. The trappers took to
calling him "Whiskey Jack". He was forced to flee the northeast
after surviving an attempted scalping during an attack by a
native raiding party.He disappeared for awhile before
resurfacing in the Nevada territory, where he operated several
gambling halls and saloons in various mining camps. Though many
miles and years have passed, both his name and reputation
followed him.............eventually all his business ventures failed.
John Cobert spent 27 years on Wall Street at various banks and brokerage firms,then spent 5
years under the streets in the NYC subway. He left a city of about 8,000,000 for a town of about
800 in July'06
Low down     
cheatin' thief!!