Will Davis
Howdy my name's Will Davis. I moved from Oroville, California to
Hawthorne, Nevada in 1867 to become a lawman. In 1871, I was in a
gunfight with an outlaw and was shot in the left leg. In 1881 I moved to
Lovelock, Nevada and was a lawman there. In 1886 I met Delta, who was
working at LaBell's brothel. I wanted to marry Delta, but she said that
as long as I was a Lawman she would not marry me. In 1895 I quit being
a Lawman and went to Minning for gold. In 1897 Delta and I were
married and we moved to Beatty, Nevada in 1899 and I went to work
for the "Dasey Gold Mine" until it closed.
William (Bill) G. Davis was raised on a farm in Oroville, California. I spent 5 years in the U.S.
Marine Corps and 25 years in Law Inforcement, My last 15 years I was the Undersheriff of
Pershing County, Lovelock, Nevada. My wife Pamela L. Stout (Delta) and I moved to Beatty, Nevada
in 1999 when I went to work for N.A. Degerstrom at the "Dasey Gold Mine" until it closed. My wife
Pamela has the Kut-N-Korral Beauty Salon located on the south end of Beatty on S.95
Delta & Will